Murals to help transform a school

Transforming schools, nurseries, parks and playgrounds

Murals to help transform a school

Kidz Art Murals has worked with Greswell Primary School in Tameside for a number of years since 2012, producing a variety of fantastic murals for different areas around the school. It has been really inspiring to work with such a committed school and Headteacher, Mr. John Cooper, the teachers and the children throughout the years.

Incorporating the children’s artwork and ideas, we have produced many wall painted murals and mural panels for early years, KS1 and KS2. Mr John Cooper,Headteacher , has been kind enough to also provide a testimonial:

“We have worked with Kidz Art Murals on a number of projects at our school. All of the projects have given the school council responsibilities which they have thoroughly enjoyed. The whole school has participated in the projects and the children have ownership of the designs in our halls and playgrounds. Colin has always been accurate with time frames and his work has brightened up many gloomy areas within our school grounds. Keep up the fantastic work!”

Here are some examples of the bright and educational murals we’ve helped with.

Playground Backdrop

This is one of the first murals we produced using the children’s artwork of all ages for a fun, jungle-inspired theme. We painted the murals on panels to be affixed as a great backdrop to the climbing frame.

Animals Mural For School Playground

Welcome Signs

The key theme for each of the welcome signs for KS1 and KS2 was simply around what the children loved about their school. Using their great imagination, they produced drawings based on their ideas which we then incorporated into their own bespoke welcome signs painted onto panels for the main entrances to the school.

Greswell Primary School Welcome Sign Early years

Primary School Mural Welcome Sign KS2

Classroom Names and Signs

A great project to work on from the start where the school used their own themed class names based on historical and inspirational figures. From William Shakespeare and Horatio Nelson to Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin, each class then spent time researching and learning about their own chosen figure. Kidz Art Murals then assisted with a painted mural for each class name and person.

Class sign painted mural for Greswell Class sign painted artwork

Early Year’s Outdoor Classroom and Foundation Building

We were asked to help transform and brighten up the outdoor classroom with the theme of zoo animals. The children’s drawings were also incorporated into the design which we then painted onto fitted panels around the building.

Greswell school building before mural Greswell Early Years Jungle Theme Artwork

For the Foundation building, the children from early years produced colourful pictures of their favourite nursery rhymes. These were combined with educational shapes and numbers to really brighten up the early year’s area.

Greswell Foundation Nursery Rhymes Mural

Caring, Peace, Love & inclusion

These were the key themes for the bespoke panel painted murals we created for the main halls. After the initial brief with the School Council, the classes from KS1 and KS2 then set to work to produce drawings to represent the themes.

Primary School Mural In progress Inclusion