Gallery 2

Transforming schools, nurseries, parks and playgrounds

Our Murals Gallery Page 2

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St Richard’s Nursery Area


St Cuthbert’s Playground


Ling Bob Welcome Panel


Kentmere Seasons Canvas


Meanwood Climbing Wall


Holy Trinity Friends Mural


Mallard Stage Mural


Mallard Canvas


Heaton School Cafe Canvas


Ladybridge Boys Toilets


St John’s Canvas


St Mary’s Welcome Sign


St Bernard’s Climbing Wall


Stamford Park Gates


Moss View Toilets


St Joseph’s Nursery Rhymes


Twiss Green Nature Garden Panel


St Osmund & Andrew Mural


Queen’s Friendship Road


St John’s Canvas


St Sebastian’s Nursery Rhymes


Moss Park Canvas


High Lane Playground


St Hilda’s Healthy Eating


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